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I am a passionated emotional storyteller. I love to ​create concepts that nobody had event thought of ​un​t​il now and to do things never existed - yet.



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About Me

I’ve alwas been a creative vessel for new ideas, with a high ​attraction to the “sky” inside my mind, which is absolutely ​limiteless and without any borders.

I feel honored to bring these concepts and ideas to life, with ​company teams, agencies, artists and everybody who is ​interested in bringing joy to the world.

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My creative ​Journey


Ho​tels & Restaurants

Event Mangement for Medical ​Asso​ciation

Head of Event Management

Markets South, Consulting ​Company

Cl​ient Work

Cr​eative Concepts & Pitches

Visionary Work for future ​concepts​

Emotional Storytelling, Text, ​Marketing, Slogans, Ideas

Cons​u​lting & Sparring Partner


Inhouse Creative Academy for ​Youngsters “K-Mit’s”

Kreative M​it-S​chöpfer

New ways of com​munication

Teacher for A course in Miracles

How to integrate the studies @ ​work & in common projects

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Joy is an absolute driving force - ​everything is possible and it is ​transmitted to every single person in ​the project from start to finish.

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In addition to freedom of mind, it ​also means freedom of being and ​the flow of life so that everyone can ​give their absolute best.

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The ego seeks to ​divide and ​separate. Spirit ​seeks to unify & ​heal.

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It’s all ​about ​purpose

what is it for?

We always have to start with a “why”, that ​gives us all goosebumps and anticipation ​of what we will achieve together for the ​benefit of everyone.

Then you can really say this is a shared​ commitment - based on pure joy and​ vibrant energy.​

Everything that happens out of love is a miracle.

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Planeggerstr. 25a

81241 Munich


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(49) 177 3003131

(​49) 89 89691940


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