Redefining brand sustainability

A Solution for gastronomy, retail and all co-creating brands that enables new ways of preserving and sharing resources in creative ways. An absolutely vibrant concept that shapes possibilities of merging diverse topic into one.

A brand that does not exist yet in this „form“.

The art: to bring sustainability to the „broad masses“ and to create a pulsating suction effect that allows the concept to expand in all directions and design variants. In addition it impresses with its extreme flexibility and with its high awareness of the use of existing resources.

We see the big picture and in doing so we precisely adress people’s inner questions – and answer them.

Make sure you are ready

Every retailer, every food company, supermarket, every gastronomic business, whether small or large, every catering company, every streetfood provider every canteen, every food delivery, every gas station cafe, every market stall with snacks etc. can be represented in this concept and participate.




Enjoy brilliant creativity,
a good talk, art, creativity – and food.

The best place is always where people come together.

We do not want to list further descriptions of the idea of the concept and hints at this point. Interested parties please contact us directly, thank you. You can rest assured that the solution can be implemented just as easily for a company group f.e. with train restaurants as for a small food truck.





We have to see that everything is changing. We need new concepts and trained empathy for people and their needs.

50% Cent is a hot concept that will enrich the market and set new standards in terms of customer understanding and tangible emotionality. This is a phenomanel Brand experience on a new level.


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