Ein Wunsch wird wahr

Ein Wunsch wird wahr

Ein Wunsch wird wahr. Ein Buch über Freundschaft – mit allen – und wie wir einander helfen können. Weil wir Freu(n)de sind.

The mist still spread over the sea, the empty lantern lay crushed in the bottom of the boat. Suddenly Queequeg started to his feet, hollowing his hand to his ear. We all heard a faint creaking, as of ropes and yards hitherto muffled by the storm. The sound came nearer and nearer; the thick mists were dimly parted by a huge, vague form. Affrighted, we all sprang into the sea as the ship at last loomed into view. Again we swam for it, were dashed against it by the seas, and were at last taken up and safely landed on board.

Ere the squall came close to, the other boats had cut loose from their fish and returned to the ship in good time. The ship had given us up, but was still cruising, if haply it might light upon some token of our perishing.

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Gerne senden wir das PDF per Email zu. Bei Anfrage von Druckexemplaren melde Dich gerne unter stefanie@shspirit.de. Danke an Wolfy, Miko und Roswitha Liane für die wundervolle Co-Creation.


Viel Freude allen beim Lesen.


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