The space must be redesigned. For why we are all free creators.

Inspired by the design of an urban creative space during the conversion phase of the Käfer headquarter, the first free space project was created in 2015 in the form of „Inspirations-Stadl“ in Munich-Pasing. More than a creative room has been created on 80 square meters: it is a SPIRIT that invites you to unlimited brainstorming, creations and visons.


A sovereign

creative· free · creating

Self-expression is one of the greatest gifts and should flow even more into companies and institutions as well as the urban landscapes of the future.

Through many years of experience as a creator, in the conception of large events – also internationally – as well as pitch concepts, a wealth of ideas and impulses has emerged.

Self Development, Joy & New Perspectives

„Unfinished“, open creative spaces and their spirit can work wonders that would never have happend in meeting rooms.


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