Joseph Beuys

aka Mr. B.

I like Beuys and he likes me.

This page is a humble tribute to the work – and being here on earth – of Joseph Beuys.

I found Beuys totally stupid after I saw a sculpture of him at my former job at KPMG Munich – it was „just“ al wallet on a pedestal…

A life without Beuys would be possible – but wouldn’t make any sense. Thank you, Mr. B. for your endless inspiration you left us. While watching a documentary in 2021 about Beuys it made „click“ in my mind – and I felt his spirit, his words, his energy and couldn’t stop watching and hearing stuff from him. This inspiration put me so deep in process and progress that it is really „out of words“.

I also remembered, that years ago ca. in 1996 a „man with a trenchcoat and a hat“ stood in my room on an evening and I felt scared, because it was so intense how he looked at me and how sad his eyes seems to be. I told this my mum the next day, which was good because I started to repress it and push it into the basement of the subconcious.

But in 2022 I saw a picture of him, with this long trenchcoat, not like usually with the vest, and he stood exactly like this moment was back then.

Ok, so here we are now and even if this sounds crazy, for me it seems in the meantime more real than other things in this world which I can touch and measure.



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