Idea Greenhouse

Nature & People unfold

An ingenious concept to bring people in the city and in companies back into a natural environment and thus to remind them of their creative, intuitive roots of their authentic „flowering“ .



What do we want to sow

This project directly adresses the spirit of the human being with all its facets and, through the form of sowing, also allows it to visually grasp aspects of its daily work.

The idea greenhouse becomes a tangible symbol of freedom, creativity, joint development and natural growth – as well as the practised mindfulness of nature – and ultimately through their inspiration.

What do we want to see

Bring about effective changes in people and in companies and thereby save various costs and expenses for seminares, coachings, incentives and training courses. With an innovative, sustainable project that is long-term and geared towards one another.

When we grow beyond ourselves

„You will recognize them by their fruits.“

This concept is suitable for employee development & promotion, workshops, customer appointments, brainstormings, recruiting, benefits, alumni pogramm, trade fairs, creative spaces, sustainability topics, trainee projects – and much more.

The greenhouse idea concept can also be offered as an additional option for hotels in the outdoor area and thus to create a USP.

Creativity is the garden of my soul. – Bernd Sieberichs.

Don’t use this planet like a waiting room.



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