Geiblizzz flashes of inspirations and never-before-seen ideas not from this world. But who want to get in shape here on earth. 

The Geiblizzz Universe.

The flashes of inspiration that show themselves in such an ingenious way at the speed of light in the mind that it leaves you simply speechless.

On the one hand there are the brilliant flashes of inspiraiton, which become ideas, concepts and Co. – ore even „more“. Or: an entirely new manifestion of form. And on the other hand, there are already initial approaches as to how one can bring other human „spirits“ (back) to the ingenious level of inspiration. It’s a big celebration feeling to continue „spinning“ together here.



I’ve never seen

one. But I’ve heard,

they exist in the

mind of some


– Thor Heyerdahl

Interesting for whom

To be honest, the geiblizzz are a real miracle box that seems to have a „hole“ in the sky and that never stops delivering one flash after the other. That’s why it’s in principle for everyone interesting. But to give an example: app programmer, digital companies, products like soft drinks, sparkling wine, lifestyle, game worlds etc.



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