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We started a new move in co-creating, which switches us all on a „higher“ level. The base of all: we respect each other in what we are and what we long for. Never underestimate the power of real fraternity and love.

Life counts for us, because you too are whole & perfect. so there can’t just be pure work, everything has its justification. art, music, development, spirituality, communication, nature, fun, experiments, questions etc.

We learn & teach together – we are one

A creative passionist aka SH1 and a team designer & people and nature lover aka SH2 have to give you a lot. But believe us – you have to give us also a huge input. So, hey let’s do this together.


As you well recognized, we don’t care so much about „name“ and „person identity“ (aka EGO), we really like to inspire you to unfold your true self, which will give you true bliss and total freedom.

Find more about us on – we love you & never, ever give up, you have so much to give to the world.


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