If you want creative workers give them more time to play.

– John Cleese

As Joseph Beuys said: everyone is an artist.

How he explained it and what is behind it in essence can no longer be dismissed out of hand how important it is becoming to approach this aspect within companies as well!

Norish the soul again

Self expression · Self Awareness · Rediscover yourself

Do you really want to keep looking for employees and do you want the good people to leave – or do you want to create something that is more than a company?

And by that we don’t mean a few creative workshops that are offered but the actual uncovering of the potential of each employee that enables him to experience something for himself that he won’t find anywhere else.


The STUDIO is between the people.

-Joseph Beuys

A place of freedom

A place of creating, of constantly discovering oneself – where it makes sense to stay.

…where self-discovery through art totally changes your creative as a co-worker to the positive, to the actual „effect“ as that of the sovereign, as Beuys put it so beautifully here, too.

And everyone.



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