When life here on earth begins anew

The course in miracles has – thank GOD – completely changed our life, work and relationships with others. Now we really want to be helpful and recognize each other and practise forgiveness, loving the next and redeem this world together.

        The purpose is god

            We are really tired of how we treat each other, whether in a meeting, at a supermarket, at school or at home. We want to live something different and therefore practise the course in miracles with great joy and grattitude.

  This is the basis of our vision, because we want to live the truth and we want to experience the kingdom of heaven together with everyone here.

     As we „clean“ our minds and open ourselves to real uncoditional love for all of our brothers, we see GREAT HOPE! We invite you to practise and learn together with us. Because there are many questions that arise when you realign your awareness, how do I deal with it at work, in a team as a „leader“, in meetings etc.

So hey, we’re in this together!

Nothing real can be threatened,

nothing unreal exists. (ACIM)


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