This quote of OSHO

I want the whole world to know if you are not ready to become one,  then be ready to get off this planet.





The Art of Awakening.

It’s no longer about how we can all satisfy our egos in any way and bring more and more separation and misery into this world. It’s not about bringing more products onto the market that nobody really needs.

Mankind has to arrive in its inner core, in its true being – through transformation
and turning back to god who can then lead us again. into the love and brotherhood we all long for. so that peace can finally come through us.


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Don’t walk, dance!

Open and clear mind is everything!  How does that happen? Very easy? Dance life, dance with life – send the ego to get cigarettes.

Start to rise now


Center of life redefined

The number with birth, school, work and then farewell to earth, does not longer works. Everything comes together: music, art, relationships, family, work, spirituality, finding meaning, being helpful, living your true self, etc.


What really counts

For each and every one of us applies: GOD IS IMPERFECT WITHOUT YOU. (Source: The inner journey)  That’s why our total freedom as an individual in the unit is what we strive for together with everyone in our projects, campapaigns, in the academy and much more.

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